Day by Day…

Checked out the West marine store in Richmond; hoping to pick up some sale items. Yes, the sale is on (30%) but the store is well picked over. The only thing of use was a tube of bedding compound and a LED light for the burned out unit over the sink. (of course I picked up some “bargains” we really don’t need.)

Dumped our genny at Steveston, to fix the patch the came loose, and looked for some fairleads for the furling set up. None to be found, will need to shell out $22 apiece for a small bit of plastic at Western Marine. 

Down to our favourite girl and managed to hoist the jib on my own -felt good. the replacement of the burned out light unit in the galley proved to be a royal mess; the old one had galvanized mounting screws that sheared off rather than unscrew, and I had to break up the old unit and extract it piece by piece. 

The wiring was strange! Two blue lines joined to a black one, and two red wires joined to a white. After some testing, it became evident that the two blue + black wires were the positive lead. We surely need to clean up the whole patchy mess of the wiring harness and make a diagram of how things are done! —job 999. 

Trying to mount the new unit was, well, trying! Had to twist myself into a pretzel to drill the pilot holes for the mounting screws into the liner. The liner is rock hard and brittle and the new unit has limited room to accommodate the double leads that I could not push back. I kind of got it all in before my back screamed: Halt!! Will need to go back and finish this project.

But found that the old sub-panel next to the windlass toggle was not connected, thus we can customize it to deal with all the new instruments.Took it out and have it in the garage; to clean, re label and re-calibrate.

Still need to do something about the loose screws at the top of the rudder tube, seal the wood inserts in the cockpit and, most of all, install the new heat exchanger cap. Not to mention tightening the faucet nut, replacing the down spout in the head, and tidying up the electrical disaster in the Port locker. 

Oh well, each day a little step in the right direction, if we are lucky!