Surfing swells with copious instrumentation

Fantastic Father’s Day weekend aboard with dad. We returned to Mannion Bay on Bowen—in fact, the same anonymous float Sarena and I tied up to the previous weekend! A decent anchorage, though there’s a substantial amount of wind and ferry wash out in the northern end of the bay. The shallow SW anchorage is highly recommended if you can get there early enough.

Despite leaving late on Saturday, we had terrific wind coming out of the bay—upwards of 20kts. I am proud to report this number, as we have a working anemometer and instrument to give us this data! We spent the previous week getting our ducks in order moving the autopilot head over to the steering post, and rigging the i70 and SeaTalkng network in its stead. It all worked! In the morning on Bowen, I wired over the existing depth transducer over to the new network, to feed into the new instrument. I think I got it right, though I remain curious about what all those other wires in the transducer cable do!

Sweet sweet initialization screen

Our good friends on Arabesque were there to meet us on the bay. We visited aboard and finally got to show dad Dylan and Sarah’s beautiful rig. Meeting them outside of the creek has been a long time coming! Here’s to many fun meetings and raftups to come. We remain proud (and slightly jealous) that they’ve moved aboard during the summer.

We had similar wind coming back from the island: utterly quiet until we approached passage island, then WHAM! 22 knots and rising from the north-west. We had a little too much sail out, but a flattened mail and reefed big genoa sent us surfing down 5 foot swells, topping 8kts and higher over ground. Fabulous.

Nary a flinch fighting the helm downwind

The big genoa needs to come off for a little repair—a slight pocket rip appearing near the top—but the smaller jib will serve us just fine in the weeks to come, anticipating similar weather.