Uncommon activity

For once, a lack of writing in this poor blog isn’t for lack of activity on Island Girl, but instead for business on the water! We actually used IG this summer, and we’re proud of it.

After several weekends in Howe Sound, Adam and Daniel launched in July for a week mid-channel. We picked her up in Nanaimo to take her home. The following week we returned across the Straight and met up in beautiful Ruxton island — one of our new favourite spots. Much crab was feasted upon, and we tried our best to hunt for more in bathing suits with barbecue tongs. Two weeks later, we took off for another week in the Gulf Island — embarrassingly, the longest we’ve taken out IG since getting her.

In addition to Ruxton, we fell in love with Wallace and Prevost islands. We’d heard great things about Portland island, though by the time we got that far south, we were in the middle of a busy August weekend. Never mind cruising in late August — you must find your spot *early*. The neighbours arrive early and stay late.

S’s new birthday hammock answers quite well hanging off the boom. My original plan of hanging it behind the steering post is looking to be a little more tricky than imagined. Another foot above and behind and it would be easy. I know it can be done.

Next weekend, the real adventure starts: IG is moving to Victoria, to be our floating home for all of September. Who said you can’t liveaboard two people on a 31?!


The seacock by the head still isn’t working — we’re feeling dear about going back on the hard for a second time during the season. It is neither entirely broken nor fixed — it will do for the month we’re living aboard. The autopilot is starting to misbehave — some strange gradual misdirection that only kicks in after engaging the unity for a few minutes. Strange indeed. I have no doubt that living on board will introduce all sorts of opportunities to work on these issues in my spare time.