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How the screw does NOT turn

(thou shalt not bolt and screw the same fastener…)

Today the belt driving the alternator and the fresh water pump broke. This, in it self, was a BUMMER. But shit happens even (more often?) in a boat. What followed was a needless day spent by Jedd in the locker. Thus this cautionary tail about trusting “professionals” to look after your boat. 

Day by Day…

Checked out the West marine store in Richmond; hoping to pick up some sale items. Yes, the sale is on (30%) but the store is well picked over. The only thing of use was a tube of bedding compound and a LED light for the burned out unit over the sink. (of course I picked up some “bargains” we really don’t need.)

Dumped our genny at Steveston, to fix the patch the came loose, and looked for some fairleads for the furling set up. None to be found, will need to shell out $22 apiece for a small bit of plastic at Western Marine. 

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