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Sooke in September

If the BC Gulf Islands are a shimmering hippie bead collection of sunsets, arbutus bark and sunburn (they are), then the Straight of Juan de Fuca is a frosty glass of “where the fuck are we,” and “are we moving forward?”

Island Girl lives — temporarily — in Victoria now. We talked and talked smack about trying living aboard, and here we are. Sharon and Adam generously gave her up for us to have a temporary home in September — nestled up by the interior wall of the Coast Hotel. 

Uncommon activity

For once, a lack of writing in this poor blog isn’t for lack of activity on Island Girl, but instead for business on the water! We actually used IG this summer, and we’re proud of it.

Fair head-winds

What a joy it is to have a (mostly) working boat. IG sailed out last Saturday with all owners on board, without a complaint, and indeed with only the slightest wake of displaced water off its sleek, clean hull.

Negligible winds for much of the trip up Howe Sound, which gave us plenty of time to discover the head wasn’t working.

I need you blogging

It’s not that I don’t like the idea of having a blog, nor is it that I don’t spend a lot of time writing for the internet at my desk. I like it, and I do. It’s that time becomes a rarified thing in retrospect: un-recountable and elusive; eluding capture and reckoning.


April rises, the sun teases through the clouds, and our minds go back to poor Island Girl, used precious little since late last summer.

So it goes. She is remarkably well-preserved from when we last left her. A well-maintained boat is a beautiful thing. There are a couple minor deck leaks from likely years past that are coming to our attention, but one is already fixed! A markedly productive work weekend at the top of April has kicked us off in good form.

August and everything after

Huh? November?

Almost. Time goes by fast in the fall. Island Girl hasn’t gotten a lot of love over the past few months, but I thought I’d fill in the long blog gap.

Belts and Beverage

Solved the sheared nut issue over a stuffy Monday afternoon in the engine compartment.

Dad’s summation of the problem was 99% correct—the nut at the back of the tensioning bolt, though unnecessary, actually came off fine. However the bolt itself had become corroded and seized in the alternator, carrying off not only the bolt head in my ratchet, but breaking a rock-hard extractor that we hammered into the bolt.

 One rusty bolt

Surfing swells with copious instrumentation

Fantastic Father’s Day weekend aboard with dad. We returned to Mannion Bay on Bowen—in fact, the same anonymous float Sarena and I tied up to the previous weekend! A decent anchorage, though there’s a substantial amount of wind and ferry wash out in the northern end of the bay. The shallow SW anchorage is highly recommended if you can get there early enough.

False creek, sandwiches, wires

Knowing we had some commitments during the weekend, we opted to spend Friday evening and Saturday aboard IG in False Creek. So we gathered some foodstuffs at faithful Panne Rizzo, and arrived soon after work on Friday. We pulled poor old rubber ducky out of its dry berth, expecting possible catastrophic failure of our old tender. But it wasn't too bad! The hypalon hull is fairly tanned, having been stored hull-up, but there weren't any noticeable breaches. The only real hamstring is its wooden transom, which is literally rotting apart.


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